Friday, April 13, 2007

Music Therapy from Japan

A medium that has always been therapeutic for me is MUSIC. There is nothing like music that can help me set aside the worries of this world, (of course God is #1). Piano has always helped me since I was very young. However, I don't have money to buy a baby grand piano. I do have access to other pianos, but there is nothing like the feeling of playing your very own baby grand piano ::SIGH:: I have to wait for the day when I can invest in one. For now, my heart is yearning for another challenge. A challenge to pick up another insturment, that is easy and less expensive to learn.

My options: I have always been attracted to the violin, but it's an expensive investment that I couldn't see myself spend on while being financially challenged as a student. The oboe fell into the same category. I noticed that many people play the guitar, but I wasn't gung-ho about it.

However, one day a friend from nursing school played his guitar. I was so impressed with his playing that it persuaded me to pick up the guitar. I felt myself yearn to learn more each and everyday. I thought it out, investing in a guitar would be cheaper than a violin or a baby grand piano, easy access to guitar teachers in Loma Linda (everyone seems to be playing it), it's a portable instrument, when I get good enough I can play for special music or play scripture songs, and it looks like it's alot of fun! Since God gave me the "learning ability" I would put it to good use, so I am know learning how to play the guitar.

I got my guitar at the Guitar Center on Hospitality Lane. It's a Takamine, made in Japan. It has:
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Built-in CT4B preamp
  • Dreadnought cutaway body


limkenfl said...
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limkenfl said...

nice guitar. I like to jam every so often too. I only have a simple
ken lim

Tim said...

Nice blog Jamie. I remember when I got my first new guitar. I wanted to use it for God's glory and did for a while =) Good luck with the music...

Arden said...

Have fun with your new guitar...